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I've known about these fact for quite some time and I was wondering about how many people have heard of these facts about the show. Their not new facts, but I find them interesting.

I decided that this should go under a cut so here it is.

Interesting facts:
1. In the show the Manor is really located in LA.
2. Rose McGowan ran away when she was 13 years old!
3. All of the actresses in Charmed have tatoos.
4. the first three women on Charmed all have horses.
5. Even though Alyssa has more tattoos it takes longer to cover up Holly’s.
6. Alyssa's face was the inspiration for Ariel in the little mermaid!
7. The book of shadows weighs 9 pounds 8 ounces and was the most valuable thing on set.
8. Brian Krause first auditioned to play Andy!
9. Alyssa Milano used to date Brian Krause.
10. Rose McGowan and Brian Krause are really cousins.
11. Alyssa & Shannen's Fathers Have The Same name--Tom.
12. Brian Krause who plays Leo Wyatt, Julian McMahon who played Cole Turner, and Kerr Smith who played Agent Kyle Brody, all auditioned to play the role of Inspector Andy Trudeau.
13. Rose's actual hair color is auburn.

Numbers 1 though 7 I don't know where I got them from, but it seems that I added that the book of shadows was most valuable thing on the set from the website I have written down here, in where I have put these facts. I know though that I didn't get them from the website I'm talking about. I actually didn't find this website until much later.

Also by the look of it, numbers 9 though 13 I also seemed to have gotten from the website. There is also a lot of more facts on this website so if you would like to take a look at them the link is located at Charmed-Net, which I guess I didn't realize before that it was copyrighted

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